About Happy Hippo

Happy Hippo Bath Company started in 2006 in Sylvan Lake, Canada. This family owned business is focussed on crafting products that are handmade, natural and cruelty free. But a key in Happy’s success is its focus on moms.

Hard working moms have helped make this company what it is today and we are proud to make the products from scratch. We work with our moms and their everyday challenges around juggling families, school and events to help empower them to better enhance their lives and the lives of others. It’s a relationship that is a cornerstone of our company.

Happy Hippo is committed! Our team believes in the value of local, natural and hand-crafted.

We also want to make sure we are accessible to many: kids to grandparents and everyone in between. So we take care to bring a high-quality product to our customers that is still affordable. And most of all lovable.

We pack our bath bombes and epsom salt products full of goodness. 98% epsom salts to be exact.

Epsom salts are a natural mineral that are used in healing, improving skin, relaxing and reviving muscles and restoring a sense of well being. Our 25 different bath bombes bring an “explosion of softness to your bath”. And our best selling epsom bubble bath is made from a signature powdered formula that is 97% epsom salts with bubble flakes added for that bubble factor. We don’t fill our product with water. We leave that to you to add. Along with the tub!

Our team takes pride in crafting these products for you. We truly do sell happy!