About Happy Products

Made with skin softening ingredients such as sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) & canola oil. Add one to warm bath, which causes a fun, fizzing sensation for 45-60 seconds releasing an enticing aroma.

Add to warm bath for relax & relief of tires achy muscles.

Same powerful benefits of Epsom salt with milk added to soften skin.

While most bubble baths are made with water as the primary ingredient, Happy Hippo’s formula is that of Epsom salt for tired achy muscles. Bubble flake is added to the formula for rich foamy bubbles.

Place one spritzer on shower floor (not under direct water) and when wet will begin fizzing & dissolving, releasing an aroma into the air. Last typically 1-2 showers.

Did you know?

Standard “liquid” bubble bath is almost all water. Our powdered formula is over 97% natural Epsom Salt based. We have the best quality Epsom salt based products in Canada at very competitive prices and all products are produced using cruelty free processes.

Epsom salt is well known for the many health benefits that it offers. It was named due to the bitter saline spring located at Epsom in Surry, England. First, it is important to point out that this salt is a natural occurring mineral compound that is made up of sulfate and magnesium. Studies that were carried out by scientists from all across the globe show that that both minerals are readily absorbed through the skin.

Here are just some of the benefits of Epsom salt.

Regulate Enzymes – Epsom salt has been proven to have the ability to control the activity of over 325 enzymes. Hence, using it on a regular basis will promote your overall health and wellness.

Reduce Inflammation – Most of the lab prepared anti-inflammatory drugs are ineffective and have serious side effects that can compromise your productivity at home and at work. Epsom salt is a natural remedy that is safe and effective. You can use it every day and experience no side effects.

Enhances the Nervous System – Adding this salt in your bath bomb will revamp your nervous system and promote your overall wellness.

Finally, it has the ability to prevent hardening of arteries thereby promoting blood circulation. Purchase it from an accredited store that is well known for offering quality natural bath and body products.

Happy Ingredients

A rich, thickening agent that has emollient properties and is often used lip balm.

Plant lipid that has barrier-repair, anti-inflammatory and skin softening properties.

Citric acid is commonly used in food items as a preservative or in such items as hard candies to give a sweet flavour. It is also widely used in the health and beauty industry to adjust the pH level of creams, lotions and gets to coincide with our natural pH level. It is the ingredient that gives the fizzy effect in bath bombes.

An oil extracted from cocoa beans, used as an emollient. Cocoa butter is a rich source of antioxidants and polyphenols; helps improve skin elasticity and promotes healthy collagen production.

Derived from corn, it is used as an absorbent in cosmetics instead of talc. Lends a silky but dry feel and absorbs excess oil.

Contains moisture and restorative protein, minerals and vitamins to rejuvenate, soften and re-hydrate your skin.

Type of coloring agent. According to the FDA and Health Canada, when FD&C is followed by a color, the color is certified as safe for use in food, drugs and cosmetics.

A commonly known humectant (an ingredient that attracts and holds moisture in the skin). Commonly used in rich lotions and body butters and is ideal for extra dry skin.

Highly effective cleanser, conditioner, moisturizer, and softener for skin and hair.

First globally approved preservative and is an excellent choice for formulations that require a paraben and formaldehyde-free preservative system.

Used as an emulsifier to blend oils into water.

Natural baking soda is used in the bath to rejuvenate, cleanse and detoxify the skin. Leaves skin feeling soft, smooth, and clean.

Palm oil is a rich source of antioxidants, especially Vitamin E. Our Palm Oil does not contribute to the deforestation of the Rain Forest. It is plantation and sustainably grown. Our Palm Oil comes from an approved supplier of palm oil products who are members of RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil).

A rich, creamy butter from the Shea nut is used to nourish dry, irritated or sensitive skin. Shea butter also helps promote cell regeneration, making it a wonderful healer and rejuvenation for troubled or aging skin.

Natural sugar to help soothe and exfoliate dry rough areas such as hands, feet, legs, and knees.

Oil derived from dried spearmint leaves used for soothing effect and natural flavor in lip balm.

The most popular carrier oil, non-fragrant that is extracted from the seeds of almonds and used as an emollient. It is rich in skin-repairing ingredients including triglycerides and several fatty acids.

This very versatile essential oil is derived from the Malaleuca Tree. Tea Tree Oil is believed to have antibacterial, anti fungal, and healing properties.

Antioxidant, great for skin disorders.

An extract of leaves and bark of the Hamamelis Virginia plant used as an effective astringent. It has antioxidant and anti-irritant properties.