Welcome to the Happy Hippo!

Happy Hippo is a family business located in Red Deer, Canada. We are a company that believes in the value of craft and quality. Our team of hard working moms make our natural, high-quality products with care and love… and right from scratch ~ just like grandma did with her favourite cookies.

By far our #1 selling product! Our "weighty" bombs are quite unique. Packed with natural ingredients including Epsom salts, our bombs are effervescent balls of goodness that are soothing to muscles and leave the skin with a fresh softness. Our diverse selection of fragrances are a treat for your senses.   + 98% Natural + Ingredients: Sodium bicarbonate(baking soda), citric acid(a natural preservative), canola oil, magnesium sulfate(Epsom salt), aqua(water), parfum(scent), fd&c color + Standard, tennis ball size + 155g/5.5oz
A natural, healthy way to relax after a long day or a hard workout. Add 1/3 cup to a warm bath.   + 98% Natural + Ingredients: Magnesium sulfate(Epsom salt), parfum(scent), fd&c color + 500g/18oz

Natural, hand-crafted products made locally by moms!

Who said local craft isn’t kicking butt! Our team of moms are making amazing products that stand out and stand up. Our team’s mission is to create products that we are proud of, our moms love, their moms (and dad’s) also love and their kids can’t wait to get their hands on. It’s a family affair from the ground up.

Happy Hippo’s signature products are loaded with Epsom salts. 98% to be exact! No fooling around with other frilly stuff. Just good, natural, healthy Epsom salts.

Check out our array of fun, fabulous bath bombs. An explosion of fizz in an array of scents. And our selection of Epsom Salt products come “au-natural”; with added soothing milk, or bubble flakes for a bubble bath to die for. WE SELL HAPPY!