About Us

Welcome to Happy Hippo Bath Co., a handcrafted cosmetics company.

We've been making beautiful bath and cosmetics products since 2007 using the finest ingredients we can source and traditional, small batch methods of production.

From our signature Pure Epsom Soaks to our Original Bath Bombs, our hard working team of moms and makers hand make our products in small batches every day.  Not only do we make our products in small batches, we make them all from scratch and test them on our husbands, partners and ourselves!

All of our products are cruelty free & paraben free.

We do our very best to make our products as natural as we possibly can.  That means no chemical additives that our products just don't need, which sometimes means more work for us to get you a better product!

Every day is new and exciting, as today some of our team may be making Bubble Bath Bombs and tomorrow they might be making our incredible Magnesium Micro Scrub.

Being avid fans of the products we make, you can be assured that we tested every product to make sure that it's amazing for your skin and tub and clean-up friendly.